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We believe that coming together to be creative and paint beautiful works of art, while FUNdraising for a good cause is an amazing combination!

At our FUNdraiser Paint Parties, participants will paint on a 16 x 20 canvas.

The cost per person will vary based on the organizer (we recommend $40 to $45 per person) and at the end of the event we will present a donation to the organization/charity’s representative up to 40% of every attendees registration fee.

(Final donation is determined by the organizer's ticket price)

The more people that attend, the larger the donation—it’s that simple.

If you’re interested in hosting a FUNdraiser, you will be responsible for the promotion of the event.

We do suggest you advertise to have a maximum number of attendees.
(We require a minimum of 20 participants)

The best way to get your attendees to commit is to sell tickets.

We can add your FUNdraising event (if you agree) on our public calendar and social media sites to allow ANYONE who is interested to register, they do NOT need to be affiliated with your group.

We expect you will promote your own event.

Proceeds will be given toward the charitable foundations and community organizations only.

The FUNdraisers can be held at your location or at our venue.

NOTE: Transportation & Travel Fees Apply for Mobile Parties that are more than 5 miles away from our studio.

Transportation and Travel fees are determined by distance from our studio.

6-25 Miles = $25 

26 - 50 Miles = $35

50+ Miles = $50

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