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Art as  expression's goal is to facilitate positive socialization in a safe, friendly & relaxed atmosphere where participants can explore their artistic creativity via the acrylic painting medium.

Whimsical Art Expressions is available to help students interpret the featured painting and to encourage expression of their unique personality while they paint."

Expression through art allows participants to engage in the following:
Increases self-esteem and creative self-expression as evidenced by participants’ ability to express their feelings. 

Enhances social skills as evidenced by age-appropriate skills including ability to observe personal space of others, ability to share materials, ability to listen reflectively
and comment positively on projects and ideas of other participants. 

Improves problem-solving skills as evidenced by participants’ ability to identify and communicate a problem, develop a solution, seek assistance if needed, and evaluate
the outcome. 

Improves frustration tolerance as evidenced by participant ability to apply problem-solving skills. 

Establishes independence as evidenced by participants’ ability to present themselves in an appropriate manner. 

Express yourself creatively today!

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